Company Experience and Capabilities

  • Developed Title V air operating permit applications, synthetic minor permit applications, minor modifications, moderate modifications, 502(b)10 requests, administrative amendments, CAM plans, actual emissions for fee purposes, semi-annual monitoring reports, stack testing coordination, annual compliance certification report preparation, and many other engineering services on an ongoing basis for client  in several business sectors and in six states, supporting business freedom to operate.
  • Developed Title V Air Operating Permit Application and compliance strategies for two separate oil refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. Work involved documenting the current compliance status, determining both point source and fugitive air emissions levels, as well as developing compliance strategies to maintain compliance with federal and state air quality standards such as NSPS, MACT, and PSD throughout the five year permit term.
  • Developed Title V Air Operating Permit Application for a multi-plant chemical manufacturing facility. Resolution of Facility noncompliance issues. Determination of applicability of NSPS of 40 CFR 60 Subparts Dc, Kb, and VV and MACT standards of 40 CFR 63 Subparts F, G, H, I, and U. Development and submittal of Title V application forms and supporting documentation. Performance of stack testing oversight, completion of construction permit applications and NSPS notifications.
  • Developed PSD permit application for a steel foundry modification, which included the preparation of all requirements of the PSD regulations such as BACT analysis, screening and refined ambient air quality dispersion modeling, construction permit application, impact analysis, and reports.
  • PSD permit application preparation for a new edible oil refinery. Worked involved the preparation of all required elements of the PSD regulations including BACT analysis, screening models, construction permit application, impact analysis, and report.
  • Submitted NOx and VOC banking applications to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) for four plants located in the Baton Rouge non-attainment area, and provided consulting services and recommendations to facilities with affected sources subject to the NOx RACT regulations.
  • Provided a detailed air emissions inventory and Title V application preparation for a large manufacturer and tester of aircraft engines. Work involved a complete environmental air audit of the facility, documentation and location of air emission sources, and calculations of all suspected air emissions via mass balance, emission factor derived, and measured data calculations, completion of a regulatory applicability evaluation and completion of the Title V application forms.
  • Provided turn-key environmental permitting for a proposed biodiesel and ethanol facility, including development of a Synthetic Minor Operating permit application, lessoning compliance requirements.
  • Performed Title V air permit application reviews as an engineering consultant to the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. Work consisted of assisting the MDEQ with a backlog of Title V air permit applications including merchant power plants, natural gas compressor stations, and manufacturing plants including NSPS, PSD, and MACT standards and New Source Review permit conditions.